echet98 ConferenceSynthesis and Methodology

Keynote; Synthesis and Methodology; Biologically Active Heterocycles/Target Oriented Synthesis ; Computational Heterocyclic Chemistry; Mechanistic Studies/Physical Properties
6-Pyridylnicotines and 2,6-Pyridyldicarboxylates for Supramolecular Chemistry

Schmidt, Boris; Neitemeier, Vera; Ehlert, Dennis K.; Backhaus-Ehlert, Anja;
Article 008
Received: 10 Mar 1998

keywords: nicotine, pyridine, amino acid, palladium, zinc reagent, ligand, complexation, europium, non-radioactive labelling;

Stereocontrolled Nucleophilic Additions of Lithiated Heterocycles to Nitrones. Synthesis and structural characterization of Novel Chiral (Hydroxyamino)methyl Heterocycles

Merino, P.; Franco, S.; Martinez, I.; Merchan, F.L.; Tejero, T.;
Poster 010
Received: 10 Mar 1998

keywords: Nitrones; Thiazole; Benzothiazole; Furan; Benzofuran; Thiophene; Benzothiophene; Imidazole; Metalated heterocycles;

Synthesis of 1-Alkyl- and 1-Alkylidene Substituted 3-oxocarbo- and Heterocycles with Potential Biological Activity

Stadlbauer, Wolfgang; Täubl, A. Elisabeth; Knobloch, Bernd;
Poster 018
Received: 30 Mar 1998

keywords: 2-quinolones; coumarins; 2-pyridones; phenalen-1-ones; oxazolo fused heterocycles; heterocyclyl-acetates; heterocyclyl-malonates; heterocyclyl-acetoacetates; heterocyclyl-cyanoacetates; DSC; differential scanning calorimetry; 4-alkylidene-2-quinolones; Wittig reaction; ring closure reactions;

Diels-Alder Reaction of Pyrano[3,4-b]indolones with Electron-Poor Pyridazinones: a New Pathway to Carbazole-Fused Pyridazines

Haider, Norbert; Käferböck, Johann; Mátyus, Péter;
Poster 023
Received: 24 Apr 1998

keywords: pyridazino[4,5-b]carbazoles; Diels-Alder reactions; pyrano[3,4-b]indolones; pyridazines; nitrogen heterocycles;

A Novel Approach to the Synthesis of the Taxol Side Chain: Adapting S. Cerevisiae as Enantioselective Reagent for the Reduction of a-Keto-b-lactams

Mihovilovic, Marko D.; Kayser, Margaret M.; Rodriguez, Sonia; Stewart, Jon D.;
Poster 029
Received: 06 May 1998

keywords: biotransformation; yeast; taxol; enantioselective synthesis; nitrogen heterocycles;

Synthesis of 1,2-Dialkyl-perhydro-quinolin-6-ones: A One Pot Birch Reduction as Key Step

Stanetty, Peter; Schmid, Martin; Kasemann, Olaf; Mihovilovic Marko D.;
Poster 031
Received: 06 May 1998

keywords: Birch reduction; Ziegler type addition; nitrogen heterocycles;

Application of Heterocyclic derived ROPHy/SOPHy Oxime ethers in the Asymmetric Addition of Diethyl Zinc to Benzaldehyde

Hunt, James C. A.; Moody, Christopher J.;
Poster 032
Received: 07 May 1998

keywords: Oxime Ethers; Enantioselectivity;

New route to chiral heteromacrocycles

Petukhov, Pavel A.; Tkachev Alexey V.; Gatilov, Yuri V.; Rybalova, Tatajana V.;
Poster 033
Received: 08 May 1998

keywords: nitrogen and oxigen macrocycles;

Reaction of Dibenzylphosphine Oxide with a,b-Unsaturated Nitriles: Preparation of Aminophospholene Oxides.

Kolesnik, Vasiliy D.; Tkachev Alexey V.;
Poster 034
Received: 08 May 1998

keywords: Phosphorus heterocycles; unsaturated nitriles; terpenic compounds;

Versatile Reactivities of 3-Methyl-5-nitropyrimidin-4(3H)-one

Adachi, Tomoko; Nishiwaki, Nagatoshi; Tohda, Yasuo; Ariga, Masahiro;
Poster 035
Received: 08 May 1998

keywords: Nitropyrimidinone; Functionalized Nitroenamine; Ring Transformation; Activated Diformylamine; alpha-Nitroformylacetic Acid;

Synthesis of the Novel Benzo[b]pyrrolo[2,3-e]azepinone and Benzo[b]pyrrolo[3,2-e]azepinone Ring Systems.

Kimbaris, Athanasios; Varvounis, George;
Poster 038
Received: 09 May 1998

keywords: Nitrogen heterocycles;

Novel Applications of Imidazolidinone Chiral Auxiliaries

Roos, Gregory H.P.; Balasubramaniam, Sundari;
Poster 040
Received: 11 May 1998

keywords: Chiral Auxiliary; Imidazolidinones; Amino acids; Amino phosphonates.;

New precursors for quinoid heterocycles

Podvyazny, Oleg V.; Mitrokhin, Roman V.; Vogulkina, Elena V.; Geniyatullina, Tatiana V.; Lavrikova, Tatiana I.; Gornostaev, Leonid M.;
Poster 041
Received: 11 May 1998

keywords: Quinoid heterocycles, Biological activity, anthraquinone nucleus, pyrane, azine, azole;

New quinoline-containing derivatives of quinones

Arnold, Elena V.; Budnikova, Svetlana N.; Gornostaev, Leonid M.;
Poster 042
Received: 11 May 1998

keywords: quinones; 8-mercaptoquinoline;

The Preparation of Thieno[2,3-b]pyridines from 3-Cyanopyridine-2(1H)-thione

Bremner, David H.; Dunn, Allan D.; Sturrock, Keith; Wishart, Grant.;
Article 043
Received: 11 May 1998

keywords: Thienopyridines, pyridine-2-thione, haloalkanes;

Strict Self-assembly of Tripodal Tris(azides) and Tris(phosphanes)

Alajarín, Mateo; Berná, José; Vidal, Angel; López-Leonardo, Carmen; Ramírez de Arellano, M. Carmen;
Poster 046
Received: 12 May 1998

keywords: macrocycles; phosphazides; self-assembly; cage compounds;

The versatile reactivity of tetrazines with electron rich dienes

Kotschy, András; Novák, Zoltán; Vincze, Zoltán; Smith, David M.;
Poster 049
Received: 12 May 1998

keywords: inverse Dielse-Alder reaction; domino reaction; azo-bridged heterocycles; dienamines;

A new method synthesis of Biginelli compounds

Shutalev, Anatoly D.; Sivova, Natalie V.;
Poster 053
Received: 12 May 1998

keywords: Amidoalkylation; p-toluenesulfinic acid; alfa-tosyl substituted ureas; alfa-tosyl substituted thioureas; Biginelli compounds; 5-functionalized 1,2,3,4-tetrahydropyrimidine-2-ones; 5-functionalized 1,2,3,4-tetrahydropyrimidine-2-thiones;

Synthesis of Amido-Containing Heterocyclic Compounds.

Yarovenko, Vladimir N.; Kosarev, Sergey A.; Zavarzin, Igor V.; Krayushkin, Michael M.;
Poster 055
Received: 12 May 1998

keywords: 1,3,4-Oxadiazoles; tetrazoles; isoxazolines; isoxazoles; oxathiazoles; amines; chloracatamides; sulfur; monothiooxamides; carbamoylamidoximes; carbamoylhydroxymoyl chlorides.;

The Preparation of 15-Crown-5 Substituted Phthalazinedione and its Application to the Synthesis of Framework-Linked Bis(Crown ethers).

Jackson, Clifford M.; Amarasekara, Ananda S.; Warrener, Ronald N.;
Article 061
Received: 13 May 1998

keywords: phthalazinedione; crown ether; Diels-Alder; ACE reaction; phthahydrazide;

The Control of Stereoselectiveties in the Diels-Alder Reactions of N-Substituted Pyrroles and N-Substituted Isoindoles

Sun, Guangxing; Butler, Douglas N.; Warrener, Ronald N.; Malpass, John R.;
Article 062
Received: 13 May 1998

keywords: Pyrroles; Isoindoles; Diels-Alder Reactions; Stereoselectiveties;

A Photodimerisation Route to Space-Separated Bis-Heterocycles

Golic, Mirta; Margetic, Davor; Butler, Douglas N.; Warrener, Ronald N.;
Article 075
Received: 14 May 1998

keywords: photodimerisation; nitrogen heterocycles; rigid framework; cyclobutene-1,2-diesters; molecular modelling;

Synthesis of some 3-amino-2-benzoylbenzofurans and benzofuro[3,2-b]quinolin-10(5H)-ones

Radl, S.; Urbankova, J.; Vachal, P.; Taimr, J.;
Article 078
Received: 14 May 1998

keywords: : 3-aminobenzofurans; benzofuro[3,2-b]quinolin-10(5H)-ones; cyclization;

Synthesis of substituted 6-methyl-benzohetero[2,3-c]quinoline and 5-methyl-benzohetero[2,3-c]isoquinoline by palladium-catalysed coupling reactions.

Deprets, Stephanie; Kirsch, Gilbert H.;
Poster 079
Received: 14 May 1998

keywords: Vilsmaier-Haack-Arnold; Stille; Suzuki; Beckman; oxime activation; nitrogen heterocycles;

The Reaction of Isobenzofulvenes with Heterodienophiles: A Simple Route to Indeno[a]heterocycles and 2-Heterosubstituted Benzonorbornanes

Warrener, Ronald N.; Harrison, Peter A.;
Article 081
Received: 14 May 1998

keywords: thiophosgene, nitriles, cycloaddition, rearrangement,;

Coumarins - solvent free synthesis by the Knoevenagel condensation under microwave irradiation.

Bogdal, Darek;
Article 087
Received: 14 May 1998

keywords: coumarins, Knoevenagel condensation, microwave irradiation, solvent-free reactions;

Influence of Microwave Irradiation on the Rate of Coumarin Synthesis by the Knoevenagel Condensation.

Bogdal, Darek;
Poster 088
Received: 14 May 1998

keywords: coumarins, Knoevenagel condensation, microwave irradiation, kinetics;

A Direct Route to 4,5-Diazaphthalimides by the Unprecedented Reaction of Maleimides with s-Tetrazines

Liu, Ligong; Warrener, Ronald N.;
Article 095
Received: 15 May 1998

keywords: s-tetrazines; N-substituted maleimides, cycloaddition, molecular clefts, nucleophilic ring opening, amino acids, 4,5-diazaphthalimides (pyridazine[4,5-c]pyrrole-5,7-diones?).;

Solid-Phase Synthesis of 1,2-Benzophenazine and Some Fused Imidazole Derivatives

Zefirov, N.S,; Sereda, G.A., Volkov, V.P., Tkachenko, S.E., Zyk, N.V.;
Article 097
Received: 15 May 1998

keywords: Solid-State synthesis, mechanoaktivation, imidazole, benzophenazine;

Potassium Dichloroiodate(I) as a reagent for synthesis of iodinated oxaphospholenes

Alabugin, I.A.; Sereda, G.A.; Brel', V.K.; Zyk, N.V.; Zefirov, N.S.;
Article 100
Received: 15 May 1998

keywords: Phospholenes; potassium dichloroiodate; cyclization; new reagent; iodination;

N,O- and N,S- Ketene Acetals as Substrates for Aza-Claisen Rearrangement

Neuschuetz, Klaus; Fernandez, Jimena; Simone, Jean-Mary; Neier, Reinhard;
Poster 102
Received: 15 May 1998

keywords: Aza-Claisen; Rearrangement; Ketene Acetal; Diels-Alder; Tandem; Domino; Cascade;

Synthesis of 2-Aryl-1,3-oxazin-6-ones from beta-lactams

Alajarín, Mateo; Vidal, Angel; Tovar, Fulgencio;
Poster 111
Received: 15 May 1998

keywords: nitrogen heterocycles; oxazine; synthesis; beta-lactams;

Some unsymmetrical terpyridines and benzenic analogues

Raboin, Jean-Christophe; Kirsch, Gilbert; Beley, Marc.;
Poster 112
Received: 15 May 1998

keywords: Hantsch's synthesis; Terpyridine; Phenylbipyridine; Carboxylated Terpyridine;

Novel Syntheses of Symmetrical 2,5-Diaryl-1,3,4-oxadiazoles and 1,4-Phenylenebis-1,3,4-oxadiazoles

Belenkii, Leonid I.; Luiksaar, Sergei I.; Poddubnyi, Igor S.; Krayushkin, Mikhail M.;
Poster 114
Received: 15 May 1998

keywords: symmetrical 2,5-diaryl-1,3,4-oxadiazoles; 1,4-phenylenebis-1,3,4-oxadiazoles; synthesis; N,O-heterocycles;

Annelated Quinolones as Potential Antibiotics: Synthesis of substituted 1H-Pyrrolo[3,4-g]quinoline-, 1H-Pyrido[2,3-f]phthalazine-, and 1H,3H-Pyrido[2,3-g]quinazoline- carboxylic acids

Jordis, Ulrich; Sauter, Fritz; Rudolf, Manfred;
Article 119
Received: 17 May 1998

keywords: quinolones, nitrogen heterocycles, Gould-Jacobs reaction;

Synthesis of 2,5-Pyrrolidinediones by Microwave Heating. A Direct Entry to Fungicides

Seijas, Julio A.; Vázquez-Tato, M. Pilar; Martínez, M. Montserrat; Núñez, Gonzalo;
Poster 121
Received: 19 May 1998

keywords: 2,5-pyrrolidinediones; fungicides; agricultural; microwaves; succinimides;

First Metallation of Iodo Diazines. Iodo and Nitrogen Directed Metallations

Plé, Nelly; Turck, Alain; Heynderickx, Arnault; Quéguiner, Arnault;
Poster 124
Received: 12 Jun 1998

keywords: lithiation; iodopyrazine; iodo-2-methylthiopyrimidine;

Advances in Tetrazole Chemistry in Russia

Ostrovskii, V.A; Trifonov, R.E; Malin, A.A; Zubarev, V.Yu.; Shcherbinin, M.B.; Poplavskii, V.S.; Koldobskiii, G.I.;
Article 125
Received: 01 Jul 1998

keywords: Tetrazole; Nitrogen; Russia; Determination of some Tetrazole Fundamental Constants by Quantum Chemical and Experimental Methods; Acid-Base Properties of Tetrazoles; Alkylation and Related Electrophilic Reactions at Endocyclic Nitrogen.; The Mechanism of Tetrazolate Alkylation; Hammett Correlations For the Specified Above Cases Tetrazoles Alkylations With Electrophilic Reagents; Alkylation of Triethylamine Tetrazolate by Electrophilic Reagents; Akylation of Tetrazoles and Tetrazolium Cations by Carbonium Ions Generated from Alcoholes; Phase Transfer Catalysis in Alkylation, Acylation and Imidoylation of Tetrazoles; Alkylation of 1,5- and 2,5-Disubstituted Tetrazoles with Dimethyl Sulfate; New ways of tetrazole chemistry development; Passage from Power-Consuming Tetrazole Chemistry; Flexible Low-tonnage Tetrazole Production;