echet98 ConferenceKeynote Contributions

Keynote; Synthesis and Methodology; Biologically Active Heterocycles/Target Oriented Synthesis ; Computational Heterocyclic Chemistry; Mechanistic Studies/Physical Properties
A New Heterocyclic Chiral Ligand, 4,6-Dibenzofurandiyl-2-2(prime)-bis(4-phenyloxazoline). Effective Catalysis in Diels-Alder Reactions and some 1,3-Dipolar Cycloadditions

Kanemasa, Shuji;
Article 007
Received: 10 Mar 1998

keywords: Chiral Ligand; Diels-Alder reaction;

Indirect Electrophilic Substitutions of p-Deficient Heteroaromatics to Prepare Novel Compounds for High-Tech Applications

Katritzky, Alan R.; Czerney, Peter; Denisenko, Sergey N.; Jesser, Volker ;
Article 009
Received: 10 Mar 1998

keywords: Benzotriazole; Heteronium Cations; Indirect Electrophilic Substitution; ISIS database;

Asymmetric Induction via an Intramolecular Haloetherification Reaction of Ene Acetals

Kita, Yasuyuki; Fujioka, Hiromichi ;
Article 011
Received: 10 Mar 1998

keywords: Asymmetric Induction; Ene Acetals;

Heterocyclic Synthesis via Domino Cascade Processes

Padwa, Albert;
Article 012
Received: 10 Mar 1998

keywords: Domino Reactions, Cascade Reactions;

Aliphatic Azides in the Schmidt Reaction: A Formal Synthesis of Gephyrotoxin

Pearson, William H.; Fang, Wen-kui;
Article 013
Received: 10 Mar 1998

keywords: Schmidt Reaction; Gephyrotoxin;

Tridents, Polarofacials and Cavity Systems: New Roles for 7-Azanorbornanes

Warrener, Ronald N; Butler, N. Douglas; Margetic, Davor; Russell, Richard A.;
Article 014
Received: 10 Mar 1998

keywords: 7-Azanorbornanes; Tridents;

Arene Chromium Complexes: Heterocyclic Chiral Auxiliaries and Synthetic Targets

Kündig, E. Peter; Bernardinelli, Gérald; Beruben, Dov; Crousse, Benoît; Fretzen, Angelika; Ratni, Hassen; Schnell, Barbara; Xu, Long-He;
Article 015
Received: 10 Mar 1998

keywords: Arene Chromium Complex; oxazoline; Heck reaction; palladium; catalysis; planar chirality; diastereoselective reactions; organolithium reagents; arene dearomatization; N-heterocycles; radical cyclizations; aza Diels-Alder;

C-Acylnitrilium Ion Initiated Cyclizations in Heterocycle Synthesis

Livinghouse, Tom;
Article 017
Received: 23 Mar 1998

keywords: Acylnitrilium Ions;

Halogen and Pseudo-Halogen Dance Reactions and Synthetic Scope of Accessible Targets: Novel Examples on Thiophenes, Furans and (Spacer-Extended) Biaryls

Froehlich, Johannes; Hametner, Christian; Skranc, Wolfgang;
Article 019
Received: 30 Mar 1998

keywords: Halogen Dance, Thiophenes, Furans, Biaryls, Enynes, Ring opening;