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Synthesis and Conformational Characterization of Constrained Dipeptides

Mary T. MacDonald and Jeffrey Aubé

Department of Medicinal Chemistry University of Kansas


Current Research
The Chiral Pool Approach-Synthesis of the 1,4,7-Triaza-8(S)-benzyl-3,6,13-trione
Oxaziridine-Mediated Ring Expansion Reactions
  Synthesis of the 3- and 5-Benzyl-Aca Linkers
  Synthesis of the 4-Benzyl-Aca Linker
  Synthesis of the Cyclic Peptides
  Synthesis of the 2-Benzyl-Aca Linker
  Preliminary Conformational Analysis Data
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N.I.H. Training Grant for Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology
NMR Spectroscopy  David Vander Velde
X-ray Crystallography  Lawrence Seib