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Chemistry Computing Course 1995-6

Eight Lectures by Bryan Levitt and Henry Rzepa and four Two Hour Practical Programming sessions.

Checklist of items

  1. Location and time of Lectures: 10.00 - 12.00 Friday Mornings in the Pippard Lecture Theatre, starting November 17, 1995.
  2. Time of Labs: Click here to find your allocation
  3. Login-ID: In your first year, you should have collected your computer user id in the form of a sticky label. Please do not turn up at the first practical session without having acquired your id, and ideally tested it to make sure that your password works. If the id does not work, it may not be possible to activate it before the first programming session has ended.
  4. What to do in the first lab session.
  5. The course test will be on December 15 from 10.05 - 10.35 in the Pippard Theatre.
  6. At the end of the course you will have to submit a project for assessment. The deadline for submission of the project will be announced later, but will be some time in February. The combined test and project marks will be used for the final grading.


All documentation for the course is available on the World-Wide Web system. On the departmental Macintosh systems, select the World-Wide web item from the Apple pull-down menu. On Indigo systems, select Netscape from the Internet menu item on the screen. From the page that appears, select the Computing Course item.
  1. Lectures
  2. Computing Facilities Available
  3. How to use the Indigo or the Macintosh Computers for the Course.
  4. Projects
  5. Submitting the Project as a Hypermedia Document
  6. General, Macintosh Specific, Indigo Specific, and Electronic Mail documentation.

Copyright (c) B. P. Levitt, H. S. Rzepa and ICSTM Chemistry Department, 1994, 1995.