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Linked Cyclopentadienyl Sulfonamido Complexes of Titanium and Zirconium

Cornelis Lensink and Neil B. Milestone

The New Zealand Institute of Industrial Research and Development
PO Box 31-310, Lower Hutt
New Zealand


Ligands synthesis
Ligand structure
Complex synthesis
Titanium complex structure


There is an increasing interest in bidentate ligands for early transition metals in which the ligand contains a cyclopentadienyl group and another anionic ligand group. (Examples from the recent literature can be found here). This has promted us to investigate the synthesis and chemistry of ligands in which a cyclopentadienyl group is linked to a sulfonamido group.

Our aim was to develop a ligand synthesis strategy which was (a) simple and (b) uses starting materals which are readily available and for which (c) modification of the ligand structure were simple to implement. Scheme 1 shown below summarizes the ligand synthesis and shows that we have achieved the aims of our synthethic strategy. A complete discussion of the ligands synthesis, experimental details and an xray crystal structure of one of the novel ligands can be found in the ligand section of this poster.

Scheme 1

For the synthesis the titanium and zirconium complexes we have employed an amine elimination reaction as illustrated in scheme 2 below. A detailed discussion of the transition metal complex synthesis and experimental details can be found in the complex section. A single xray crystal structure of one of the complexes is also presented there.

Scheme 2