ECTOC-3 ConferenceSynthesis and Methodology Molecules

This is a list of molecules that were captured from this conference and were used for similarity analysis. The colour coding for the background of the molecules is as follows:

Keynote; Synthesis and Methodology; Mechanism and Structure
On the Stereoselectivity of the Reaction of Metalated Heterocycles with Differentially Protected a-Amino Nitrones Derived from L-Serine and L-Threonine

Merino, P.; Lanaspa, A.; Merchan, F.L.; Tejero, T.;
Article 003

C-C Bond Formation with Chelated Alkene-Carbene and Allyl-Carbene Complexes Novel Pathways to Oligo-enes, Oligo-ene-ynes, Allylcarbamates and -alcohols, delta-Lactones and Cyclopentenones

Boehmer, Jutta; Foertsch, Walter; Schobert, Rainer*;
Poster 004

Transition metal mediated synthesis of conformationally constrained phenylalanine analogues and their applications

Gibson (ne Thomas), Susan E.; Guillo, Nathalie; Middleton, Richard J.; Tozer, Matthew J.;
Article 005

Linked Cyclopentadienyl Sulfonamido Complexes of Titanium and Zirconium

Lensink, Cornelis; Milestone, Neil B.;
Poster 011

Asymmetric intramolecular C-H/olefin coupling: rhodium-catalyzed asymmetric cyclization reactions of 1,5-dienes

Kakiuchi, Fumitoshi; Fujii, Naoaki; Yamada, Airi; Chatani, Naoto; Murai, Shinji;
Poster 016

Ruthenium-Carbonyl-Catalyzed Reaction of Pyridylbenzenes with CO and Plefins. Carbonylation at a C-H Bond

Chatani, Naoto; Ie, Yutaka; Fukuyama, Takahide; Kakiuchi, Fumitoshi; Murai, Shinji;
Article 031

Metal Mediated Synthesis of seco-Ergolines

. Conlon; Deirde M.A; Widdowson, David A.;
Article 033

The Synthesis and Molecular Sturctures of some Silyl-Substituted Ferrocenes

Constantine, Steven P.; Hitchcock, Peter B.; Keates, Julian M.; Lawless, Gerard A.; Waugh, Martin P.;
Article 034

Carbon-Carbon Bond Formation using Chiral Tris(pyrazolyl)hydroborate Organomagnesium Complexes

Harrison, Karl N.; Carraz, Charles-A;
Article 035

Syntheses and reactivity of neutral iron and ruthenium vinylidene complexes

Walters, Stephen J.; Adams Harry; Bailey, Neil A.; Salmon, Peter R.G.A.; Sumner, Claire; Winter, Mark J.;
Poster 036

Platinum Catalyzed Cascade Reaction of a Camphor Derivative: Diyne Cyclization, Ring Enlargement and C-H Bond Activation

Wagner, Gabriele; Pedersen, Bjrn; Herrmann, Rudolf;
Poster 042