011: Asymmetric Induction via an Intramolecular Haloetherification Reaction of Ene Acetals
012: Heterocyclic Synthesis via Domino Cascade Processes
013: Aliphatic Azides in the Schmidt Reaction: A Formal Synthesis of Gephyrotoxin
014: Tridents, Polarofacials and Cavity Systems: New Roles for 7-Azanorbornanes
015: Arene Chromium Complexes: Heterocyclic Chiral Auxiliaries and Synthetic Targets
017: C-Acylnitrilium Ion Initiated Cyclizations in Heterocycle Synthesis
018: Synthesis of 1-Alkyl- and 1-Alkylidene Substituted 3-oxocarbo- and Heterocycles with Potential Biological Activity
019: Halogen and Pseudo-Halogen Dance Reactions and Synthetic Scope of Accessible Targets: Novel Examples on Thiophenes, Furans and (Spacer-Extended) Biaryls
020: Iminofurandion - Pyrroledion Rearrangement - A Semiempirical Molecular Orbital Study