G-Quadruplex DNA
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Stabilising G-quadruplex DNA - A New Cancer Cure?


Cancer is a common disease; there are around 200 different types of cancer. The disease is caused by the loss of control over a cell's reproductive capacity, so that rather than dividing in a controlled and programmed manner, the cell continues to divide and multiply until a detectable lump develops.

Scientists are continually investigating novel pathways that could lead them to discover a cure for cancer. In order for us to further our understanding of the behaviour of cancer cells on a molecular level, cancer research is now using the skills of biologists, biochemists and organic chemists alike. Together these scientists are endeavouring to create responses at a molecular level to the peculiar and complex events underlying cancer.

One recent focus of cancer research under investigation, is that of G-quadruplex DNA stabilisation. Although there is still a great deal left to discover in this area, it has already shown great promise as a prospective cancer cure of the future, making it a hot topic of study. By taking you back to the origins of these G-quadruplex structures, I hope to provide you with an explanation of the potential this field of research holds.

The Origins Of G-Quadruplex DNA

The Fight Against Cancer