ECTOC-3 ConferenceMechanism and Structure

Keynote; Synthesis and Methodology; Mechanism and Structure
PM3 Calculations on a porphyrinic-host catalized intermolecular Diels-Alder reaction

Rzepa, Henry S.; Conesa-Moratilla, Carlota;
Poster 014
Received: 25 Apr 1997

keywords: molecular modelling; host-guest; porphyrine; Diels-Alder;

Use of Grignard Reagents in the Deoxygenation of Benzo-Fused Endoxides.

Blank, David H.; Gribble, Gordon W.;
Poster 020
Received: 25 Apr 1997

keywords: deoxygenation; Grignard reagent; Magnesium;

Reaction of Poly(chlorotrifluoroethylene) with Metal Carbonyl Complexes

Taylor, Richard T.; Green, John W.; Shah, Jikesh A.; Warren, Andrea; Sommer, Andre J.;
Article 022
Received: 25 Apr 1997

keywords: Poly(chlorotrifluoroethylene); oxidative addition; metal carbonyl complexes;

Molecular Mechanics (MM3*) Parameters for Ruthenium(II)-Polypyridyl Complexes

Korall, Peter; Åkermark, Björn; Norrby, Per-Ola;
Poster 023
Received: 25 Apr 1997

keywords: Ru-polypyridyl complexes; molecular mechanics; MM3*;

Macrocyclic exchange: Selectivity of crown ether ionophores for small metal cations. An investigation into the 14-crown-4 structure and capability

Brower, Bill; Armstrong, Douglas;
Poster 024
Received: 25 Apr 1997

keywords: crown ethers; organometallics; ionophore; macrocyclic exchange;

MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry of Rhenium Organometallics

Nash, John R.; Vestling, Martha M.; Casey, Charles P.;
Poster 025
Received: 25 Apr 1997

keywords: mass spectrometry; MALDI-TOF; rhenium; MALDI;

A simple calculation on catalyst poisoning destined for the novice in organometallic chemistry

Bayard, Francois;
Poster 029
Received: 30 Apr 1997

keywords: catalyst poisoning;

Calculation of Stereoselectivity in the Boron-Mediated Aldol Reaction of Chiral Methyl Ketones

Goodman, Jonathan M.; Mackey, Mark D.;
Article 032
Received: 01 May 1997

keywords: aldol; stereoselectivity; transition state modelling;

The Photochemistry of [M(CO)5] ( M = Fe, Ru, Os)

Leadbeater, Nicholas E.;
Article 039
Received: 16 May 1997

keywords: photochemistry, photophysics, iron, ruthenium, osmium, carbonyl;

Catalytic Asymmetric Epoxidation

Aggarwal, Varinder K.; Blackburn, Paul; Ford, Gair J.;
Article 040
Received: 21 May 1997

keywords: epoxidation; sulfur ylide; carbenes;

Substrate-Directed Formation of Catalytic Metallo-Olygopeptides

Fleminger, Gideon; Kochavi, Etty; Bar-Nun, Akiva;
Article 044
Received: 12 June 1997

keywords: Metallopeptides; Metalloenzymes; Origin of life; Catalysts; Template.;

Detection of a Novel Intermediate in the Addition of Thiols to Osmium Carbonyl Clusters

Plutino, Maria Rosaria; Prestopino, Fabio; Monari, Magda; Kiriakidou, Nitsa; Johansson, Maria; Elding, Lars Ivar; Nordlander, Ebbe;
Poster 045
Received: 15 June 1997

keywords: crystal structure; kinetics; NMR; osmium;