ECTOC-3 ConferenceKeynote Contributions

Keynote; Synthesis and Methodology; Mechanism and Structure
New Aspects of Calixpyrrole Chemistry

Sessler, Jonathan L.; Gale, Philip A.; Král, Vladimír; Lynch, Vincent; Genge, John W.; Allen, William E.; Brown, Christopher T.; Gebauer, Andreas; Tvermoes, Nicolai A.; Sansom, Petra I.;
Keynote 008
Received: 23 Apr 1997

keywords: anion binding; neutral binding; self-assembly; macrocycle; calixpyrrole; hydrogen bonding;

Hydrogen Bonding to Silanols

Baxter, Ian; Cother, Lisa D; Dupuy, Carole; Lickiss, Paul D; White, Andrew J. P; Williams, David J.;
Keynote 010
Received: 24 Apr 1997

keywords: silanols; hydrogen bonding;

Reactivity Studies of [Pd2(mu-Br)2(PBut3)2] and Structural Characterisation of the Phosphine Cyclometallated Cluster [Pd4(mu-Br)3(mu-CO)2(But2PCMe2CH2)(PBut3)2]

Mingos, D. Michael; Vilar, Ramon; McPartlin, Mary; Scowen, Ian;
Keynote 019
Received: 25 Apr 1997

keywords: clusters; palladium; reactivity; dimers;

Conformational Analysis of Phosphinamine Ligands

Brown, John M.; Hulmes, David I.; Long, James M.; Valk, Jean Marc; Bayston, Daniel M.; Goeke, Andreas; Muir, Jayne M.; Alcock, Nathaniel W.;
Keynote 028
Received: 29 Apr 1997

keywords: ligands; X-ray structures; Pd complexes; conformation; strain energy; catalysis;