WATOC Fellows
N. L. Allinger
E. Clementi
R. Daudel
R. Hoffmann
W. Kuzelnigg
W. N. Lipscomb
P. -O. Löwdin
J. Michl
K. Morokuma
J. A. Pople
L. Radom
B. Roos
C. Sandorfy
H. F. Schaefer
P. v. R. Schleyer

The World Association of
Theoretically Oriented Chemists

WATOC Officers

WATOC Scientific Board
Y. Apeloig
F. Bernardi
J. Bertran
P. Carsky
R. E. Christoffersen
R. H. Contreras
A. Dedieu
V. L. Danilov
X. Y. Fu
K. N. Houk
E. D. Jemmis
G. Naray-Szabo
E. Osawa
M. A. Robb
A. Streitweiser
N. S. Zefirov

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H. F. Schaefer
L. Radom
G. Frenking
H. S. Rzepa
P. Mezey
I. G. Csizmadia
P. v. R. Schleyer
WATOC Congresses
WATOC-99 in London, England, 1-6 August, 1999.
Brief details of registration fees and key dates for WATOC99:
Registration feeUp to 17 May 1999Up to 21 June 1999
RSC/WATOC Member£250£300
Accompanying person£30£30
Registrations should be made using the appropriate form which is available on the 2nd WATOC circular (pages 23-26) from the RSC Web site (http://www.chemsoc.org/watoc99/) or from this site. You will need to install Acrobat Reader to view this circular. If you are having difficulty in reading/printing the entire second circular, the relevant pages of the registration document are also available here or as individual GIF images (1,2,3,4).

Please print these, complete them, and return to Mrs Paula Whelan, WATOC99, The Royal Society of Chemistry, Burlington House, London, W1V 0BN.

We regret that on-line payment of registration fees is not possible.

The RSC Web site can be searched for details of the scientific program and other events here.

Poster Information: Instructions on how to prepare posters are available.

Local Imperial College InformationPre/Post Conference Events
Contact local organiser (July 31-): 0802 935580
Detailed map of Conference venues
Imperial College local shops, facilities and services
WATOC'99 Exhibitors info (see also RSC)
Kensington area Restaurants, Shops and Facilities
Acrobat Versions of local maps for printing
Hotel Booking
RAC Road Route Planner
Heathrow Express
Railtrack Rail planner
Local map and hotel list for postal district SW7.
Conference Excursions
Quantum Bio-lnorganic Chemistry (QBIC) 99, July 29-31, 1999.
Gaussian User Group Meeting, Saturday 31 July at Imperial College, 9.00 - 17.00
Molecular Simulations (MSI) Workshop, Saturday 7 August., at Imperial College, 10.00 - 16.45.

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WATOC Information


  1. WATOC 2005 to be announced.
  2. WATOC-2002 in Lugano, Switzerland, 6-9 August, 2002.Hans Peter Lüthi is Chairperson.
  3. WATOC-96 In Jerusalem, Israel
  4. WATOC-93 Photographs in Toyohashi, Japan.


  1. Joining WATOC
  2. WATOC Life Members

Conferences and Other Items of Interest

WATOC Announcements

  1. Professor Björn Roos is the winner of the 1999 WATOC Schrödinger Medal.
  2. Dr. Peter Gill is the winner of the 1999 Dirac Medal.
  3. Professor Kendal N. Houk was the winner of the 1998 WATOC Schrödinger Medal.
  4. Professor Timothy J. Lee was the winner of the 1998 Dirac Medal.
  5. Professor Nicholas Handy was the winner of the 1997 WATOC Schrödinger Medal.
  6. Springer offers WATOC-members 20% discount on J. Mol. Mod. Subscriptions.

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