WATOC99 Reception/Banquet/Excursions

Conference Reception, August 1, Science Museum

The reception will be held on the ground floor of the Science Museum in the East Hall, or Power Gallery. Entrace to the Museum is from Exhibition Road, one door down from the entrace nearest Imperial College.

Conference Banquet, August 5, Victoria and Albert Museum

The banquet will be held under the great dome of the V&A Museum. A pre-banquet reception will either be held in the outdoors courtyard or (if rainy) indoors in one of the galleries. Entrance will be from the Exhibiton Road entrance.

Canal Boat Trip to Black Horse Pub

Black Horse Pub Both the Grand Union Canal and the site on which the Black Horse pub are located are closely associated with the Industrial revolution in England. The Paddington arm of the canal was built for transportation between the industrial midlands of England and the port of London. In the mid 19th century when chemical industry in England was starting, it seemed natural for William Perkin to build his new dyestuffs factory next to the canal. This factory and the associated research laboratories can be regarded as the first industrial "fine chemicals" site, built to manufacture the "mauveine" dyestuff discovered accidentally by Perkin (who has been one of the very first students at the Royal School of Chemistry, now of course part of Imperial College). Original samples of mauveine and other unique chemical heritage can be viewed in the Imperial College archives, upon request.

For details of the chemistry of Mauveine, and photographs of the Black horse pub, see the "Molecule of the Month" display. For a map of the Black Horse area, click here.
Map of  Black Horse pub area

The canal itself is part of 22 mile Hillingdon nature trail in West London. Another interesting snippet is that 1999 is the centenary of Alfred Hitchcock's birth. His early films were made at Gainsborough film studios, which are also located on the Grand Union Canal, albeit about 12 miles east of the site of the Black Horse pub.

Hampton Court Palace

Note that a more "local" palace just a km or so away from the WATOC conference venue is Kensington Palace.

Click here for a map of the Hampton Court area.

Globe Theatre

Click here for Map of the Globe Theatre area.