An Introduction to CML

Welcome to Chemical Markup Language Version 1.0. This is the first stable release of CML and there have been very significant improvements since earlier versions.

(Editors Note: This material was prepared on a Unix system, which resulted in the generation of some files with very long names. During the preparation of this CD-ROM on a Macintosh, these long names have been truncated. As a result, hyperlinks to them will not work. If you encounter this problem, please connect to the on-line version instead).

CML is a powerful generic tool for management of molecular and technical information, especially geared to Inter- and Intra-net use.. Formally it is an application of SGML (and not a programming language or system), but there is an implementation in Java supplied at the same time (provisionally called CMLViewer). Again, although CML is not a database language or search tool, nor a processing system for molecular applications, it provides very important support for developing these. CML contains a discipline-independent subset, TecML, for technical data and therefore can be used in a wide range of disciplines other than molecular science. Formally, CML is an extension of the TecML DTD.

CML is straightforward to learn, but is powerful and flexible and can be applied to a very large number of situations. There are a lot of different places you can start according to your background and interests.

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© Peter Murray-Rust, 1996, 1997