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Welcome to a new concept in the distributed teaching of Chemistry. Over the coming years, these pages will be built up to include small "stories" or case histories illlustrating modern chemistry in action, liberally dosed with "hyperactive" molecules which you will be able to rotate, measure and generally play with. The content will include chemical problems suitable for tutorial and classes, a page where you can log-in to suitable on-line information databases, pages where you can acquire programs and other software, and any other good ideas that people come up with. We expect these pages will be used to augment and enhance local courses rather then to replace their teachers!
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A collection of chemical helper programs
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  1. Reviews of Chemical Education on the Internet
  2. Tutorial Problems in Pericyclic Reaction Mechanisms
  3. NMR Lecture course at Imperial College
  4. Analysing 2D NMR Spectra using Hyperactive Molecules
  5. Electronic Chemistry Library at Imperial College.
  6. A Visual Guide to Molecular Model Types and Rendering Techniques
  7. Chemistry Course Materials at Virginia Tech
  8. SCOP: Structural Classification of Proteins
  9. Laboratory and Lecture Courses at the University of West Indies, Jamaica.
  10. WebElements - a periodic table and isotope database
  11. Welcome to the World of Physical Chemistry at UCSD
  12. A complete course on the Principles of Protein Structure
  13. A Glossary of Biologically important Molecules and Terms and index search
  14. ChemCAI: Instructional software for Chemistry from Simon Fraser University
  15. On line MOPAC Modelling Course
  16. Experience a Top International Conference in Organic Chemistry on the Web!
  17. Applications of Virtual Reality Modelling Language to Chemistry. You will need a VRML browser such as Webspace.
  18. Network Science: Online reports of Contemporary Chemistry
  19. Introduction to Statistics for the Chemistry Laboratory at UMass Dartmouth.
  20. CAUT Computational Chemistry Project including many computational chemistry teaching modules
  21. Manual and Computer-aided Literature Searching
  22. Molecule of the Month collections
  23. On-line Course on Stereochemistry (Portuguese)
  24. The HPLC Troubleshooter for Students of Chromatographic Techniques
  25. Chemistry Animations in Quicktime and Shockwave format from Oxford University
  26. Structure based drug design at Birkbeck College
  27. A superb list of chemical pointers in Sweden maintained by Knut Irgum
  28. Network for Chemistry Teaching at Nottingham and York (UK)
  29. NMR Data at Widener University
  30. The Main Quad: Web Sites of Distinction
  31. An Electronic Textbook on Chemometrics (Portuguese)
  32. Physical Chemistry, by Carl David
  33. Asymmetric Synthesis: A Didactic Survey, by Carmen López-Leonardo (Spanish)
  34. Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion Theory, by Mark Winter
  35. Practical Excercises in Quantum Chemistry
  36. Organic Chemistry Molecules and Tutorials using Chime by Albert Pratt
  37. Introductory computational physical chemistry and statistical mechanics at Bishop University
  38. Mechanisms of Organometallic Transformations
  39. Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms 1
  40. Introduction to NonMetal Chemistry
  41. Structure of Solids
  42. Web Multimedia for Chemistry Education
  43. Multiple Choice Questions in Organic Chemistry
  44. ModularCHEM Malathion/Medfly/Medicine Modules:
  45. General Chemistry by John McBride
  46. World Index: BioMolecular Tutorials in Chime by Subject
  47. A compilation of solved and unsolved problems in biosynthesis of natural Products
  48. The Chemistry Place
  49. MathCAD Tutorials for Physical Chemists

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