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This project is implemented by Wyn Locke and funded by a University Development Award.
This project is developed in conjunction with the Vchemlab project.

(c) W. Locke

As an exercise which might be called an example of Internet Archeology, of finding artefacts and materials that have been long buried and whose discovery and analysis yields fascinating insights into their own eras, this 1996-97 site has been converted in 2020 to be able, as it was on its days, to display the molecular models, now without plugins (which became incompatible with current web browsers).
Files in MOL and PDB formats are now displayed using JSmol (replacing the old Chime plugin) and files in VRML format, using the X_ITE JavaScript library. The size of models in the pages has been enlarged but, otherwise, the design and contents have been kept unaltered.
Conversion done by Angel Herráez (Universidad de Alcalá, Spain), as agreed with Henry Rzepa (Imperial College, UK)