061: The Preparation of 15-Crown-5 Substituted Phthalazinedione and its Application to the Synthesis of Framework-Linked Bis(Crown ethers).
062: The Control of Stereoselectiveties in the Diels-Alder Reactions of N-Substituted Pyrroles and N-Substituted Isoindoles
063: The Normal vs. Pincer Diels-Alder reaction in Some Furan Derivatives.
064: A Theoretical and Experimental Study of the Reaction of Vinylene Carbonates with Furan and Cyclopentadiene
066: On Direct Iodination of Thiophene and Furan Derivatives in the Presence of Zeolites
067: Potent Inhibition of Bacteriophage T7 RNA Polymerase by a Fat Nucleoside-5(prime)-triphosphate: Synthesis and Biochemical Studies of 4,8-Diamino-6-imino-6H-1-beta-D-ribofuranosyl imidazo[4,5-e][1,3]diazepine-5(prime)-triphosphate
069: A Unique Ring-Expanded Acyclic Nucleoside Analogue That Inhibits Both Adenosine Deaminase and Guanine Deaminase (Guanase): Synthesis and Biochemical Screening of 4,8-Diamino-6H-1-hydroxyethoxymethyl-6-iminoimidazo [4,5-e][1,3]diazepine
070: Synthesis of Two Novel (E/Z)-Isomeric Ring-Expanded Nucleoside Analogues Containing the Imidazo[4,5-e][1,3]diazepine Ring System With a Guanidinocarbamoyl-Substituted Cyclopropylidene Group In Place of a Sugar Moiety