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On-the-fly SGML=>HTML Conversions of 1996 Issue 3 and 4 articles.
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Final CLIC Project Report
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What Other People have written about us
Scholarly Articles describing some of the chemical background;
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General and Background Information
For further information contact individuals at any of the sites;
Contact PersonRoleContact Detail
Dr Henry Rzepa Project Director
Department of Chemistry
Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine
phone: 0171 594 5774
Fax: 0171 594 5804
Dr David JamesManager New Media
Royal Society of Chemistry
phone: 01223 432136
Dr Benjamin WhitakerSchool of Chemistry Leeds Universityphone: 0113 2 336580
Dr Jonathan Goodman Department of Chemistry Cambridge University phone: 01223 336434
Dr. Omer CasherDepartment of Chemistry Imperial College phone: 0171 594 5795
Dr. Jonathan GriffithsNew Media
Royal Society of Chemistry
phone 01223 432136
Dr. Chris HildyardSchool of Chemistry Leeds Universityphone: 0113 2 336594
Dr. Dave Riddick Department of Chemistry
Cambridge University
phone: 1223 432335
Mr Chris RusbridgeeLib Programme Director
University of Warwick
phone: 01203 524979
fax: 01203 524981
Mr David CookFIGIT Secretary
JISC Secretariat
phone: 0117 931 7250
fax: 0117 931 7255

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