Molecular Animation on the Web
using Chime™ and JavaScript

A Chemscape Chime™ Workshop Presented in part at the MDL Users Meeting
Euston Plaza Hotel, London (17th.March 1997) by

Henry Rzepa, Wyn Locke & Alan Tonge
Imperial College, London SW7 2AZ

An Introduction to Chemical MIME Henry Rzepa, Dept. Chem., Imperial College
pH Indicators Part of the Vchemlib Project by Wyn Locke
IR Frequencies & Normal Mode Vibrations Part of the Vchemlab Project by Alan Tonge
Atom-picking Exercise Part of the Vchemlab Project by Alan Tonge
Steroid Story Alan Tonge, Dept. Chem., Imperial College
Other On-line Chime Resources Eric Martz, U. of Massachusetts, Amherst.

These demonstrations Copyright H S Rzepa, W. Locke and A. P. Tonge, 1997.