poster 17 : solubility and purification of final compounds

Martine Demeunynck (
Wed, 21 Jun 1995 17:15:24 +0200

Dear Drs. Moody, Riddick and Waldron

I am working in the synthesis of nitrogen polycyclic compounds and I am
very interested by the method you describe in your poster.
I would like to ask you questions about the solubility of your last
intermediate in the synthesis of eilatine and eventually of eilatine
itself. Do you have any problem of purification?
You also mention in the introduction that the biological activity of your
compounds has been tested, do you know how that can be done for compounds
that have a very low solubility in water and a rather low solubility in
most organic solvents (as it is probably the case for eilatine and other
natural pyridoacridines).
Best regards
Martine Demeunynck

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