Poster 14 Reduction of Triple Bonds

Dr. Rudolf Herrmann (
Sat, 17 Jun 1995 20:45:04 GMT

Dear Drs Maeorg, Loodmaa and Viirlaid,

I would like to know if your Zn/Cu reagent has any significant
advantage in the reduction of triple bonds to cis-alkenes over
long-known efficient systems like the Lindlar catalyst ?
If so, what about the reproducibility of its preparation ? I can
imagine that it might be difficult to get the same reaction
rates in every case, due to possibly different surface properties.
And finally, do you observe an ageing process on storage of
your prepared reagent ?

With the best wishes,
Rudolf Herrmann.

P.S. There s no need to hurry in answering, I ll be in Poland
visiting a symposium from Sunday to Friday.

Dr. Rudolf Herrmann
Inst. Org. Chem. Biochem. TU Muenchen (Germany)

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