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Annelated Quinolones as Potential Antibiotics: Synthesis of substituted 1H-Pyrrolo[3,4-g]quinoline-, 1H-Pyrido[2,3-f]phthalazine-, and
1H,3H-Pyrido[2,3-g]quinazoline- carboxylic acids - Experiments in Electronic Publishing

Jordis, Ulrich; Sauter, Fritz; Rudolf, Manfred

Institute of Organic Chemistry, Vienna University of Technology, Getreidemarkt 9, A 1060 Vienna, Austria;

Abstract The synthesis of the title compounds via Gould-Jacobs quinolone synthesis will be described. In addition to the traditional submission of the experimental an ISIS/Base database RDF-file compatible with ISIS/Labjournal will be provided. This should serve as an example of new electronic publishing methods.

This paper has two aspects:

1 The publication of the chemistry
and the experimental

2The electronic publication of chemical
research with emphasis on
chemical structures

  1. The preparation of the target compounds is
    summarized in  Scheme 1
  2. A table with all structures prepared and links to
    the experimental

  1. Some remarks about Electronic Publishing
  2. All reactions and structures were input in
    ISIS/Labjournal and can be downloaded in
    various formats
  3. For the calculation of aromatic shifts the
    BASIC program "NMR" [1] was used.
    This program can be downloaded together
    with the source code