ECTOC Conference Series Electronic Conference on
Heterocyclic Chemistry.
29 June - 24 July 1998

Abstract and Article/Poster Submission Procedures

  1. The deadline for article and poster submission was 15 May. Everyone who registered should now have a login ID and its password (if you do not, please mail us) and should receive formal notification if your abstract has been accepted shortly. One you have been told it is accepted, you should proceed as follows;
  2. We also have alternative mechanisms if mechanism 1 causes you any difficulties.
  3. Alternatively, you can send either a Word document or an archive of Web-files (ie in ZIP or Stuffit format) using ftp to our conference ftp account. Using Telnet or an ftp client, connect to , login as anonymous (providing your email as a password), type
    cd echet98
    (or whatever type of file)
    To preserve confidentiallity, you will NOT be able to view a directory of the files placed there. Please also email us on to let us know the file is there.
  4. The Abstract registration procedures will remain open for a few more days for those who have notified us requesting a short extension.
If you encounter problems with any of the above, please email us on
To join the conference discussion forum,, containing just one line in the body of your message:
subscribe echet98
Please note that you will only be able to post message to the forum from the same address you use to subscribe. So use the address you will want to use to post messages from. Also, please do NOT  subscribe as follows, since this requires manual intervention to make it work.
subscribe echet98 mailname@mailhost
H. S. Rzepa, May 18, 1998.