The ECHET98 ConferenceAbstract Registration

When you submit the information to the conference, please be patient! It takes about 30 seconds for the server to process the information. There may also be added delays if your connection to the conference server is slow. See also what should happen next.

Section 1: Information about the article/poster

Title of the article/poster.
For example: Complex heterocyclics from Simple Base precursors 
You can use super/subscript markup if you wish, ie
The Reaction between S<SUB>2</SUB>Cl<SUB>2</SUB> and Pr<SUB>2</SUB>EtN
List of authors.
Each author is separated by semicolons. The format of each author is Surname last followed by a comma, followed by their first name and then their middle initials with periods.
For example: Perkin, William H.; Rees, Charles W. 
Authors' addresses.
These are separated again by semicolons. The addresses must be in the same order as the author names. A single address with no semicolons is fine when the authors all come from a single institution. If subsequent authors are from the same institution, then a second semicolon in lieu of the address will sufice. This is prefable as it will speed up the data parsing and also mean that you will not need to type as much!
For example:

Royal College of Chemistry, Hannover Square, London;
Department of Chemistry, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London SW7 2AY, UK 
URL of article.
This is optional. Your final article/poster can be served from your own web site. Please place the URL of the future article/poster so that it can be linked from the conference pages.
Article keywords.
Please will you place a collection of keywords here so that the conference can have a more useful index than the normal brute force method currently provied by the index engine. These are separated again by semicolons.
For example:

Mauveine; Scorpionine; nitrogen heterocycles; sulfur heterocycles 
Type of article.
Full Article
When to withdraw the article/poster:
At the end of the conference
It is hoped to publish the entire conference on CD-ROM. If you do not wish your contribution to be included, select this box.
IMPORTANT: If you do wish your contribution included on the CD-ROM, acceptance of these conditions implies transfer of the copyright to your contribution to the Conference Scientific Editors, in order to facilitate the subsequent publication of the CD-ROM. The same policy was adopted for the ECTOC-1, ECHET96 and ECTOC-3 CD-ROMs.

Section 2: Information about the publishing of the article/poster

Contact name.
This is the name of the person who will be responsible for setting up the article/poster on the web. Please use the same format as the authors entry above.
Contact email.
This email must be valid, otherwise you will not recieve the information about which article number you have been allocated and the password. These are necessary to access the forms to upload and change your abstract and article and also to change these details.
Please the input the email again for verification.
Chemical structure formats.
Please indicate which of the following chemical drawing formats that you will be supplying for the molecular database. We prefer 2D and 3D MDL MOL files.
Brookhaven PDB
MDL MOL file
MDL TGF format
HTML browser.
Which HTML browser do you most often use? We can use this information to set the level of technology used in the conference. If you use Netscape 4.x, or Internet Explorer 4.X you will be able to upload your changes to the article directly to the server.
Netscape 2.x
Netscape 3.x
Netscape 4.x
Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x
Method of uploading article updates.
We have several methods of allowing you to upload updates of your article to the server. These are fully explained in the notes to authors.
HTTP upload via forms (Netscape 2.x and above)
Using your own HTTP server 

When you submit the information to the conference, please be patient! It takes about 30 seconds for the server to process the information. There may also be added delays if your connection to the conference server is slow.

As a result of submitting this form, you will receive an email at the address you gave above, giving further instructions. If no such email is received, please contact us. This email will contain an abstract number, and a password. Armed with this you can then proceed to the next stage, which will be to upload to the conference database your article/poster, and then if necessary to modify/add to it. Please note that the two critical files which you MUST send are to be called index.htm (please do not call your main document anything else) and ga.gif (which is a graphical abstract image, precisely 208 pixels wide and 117 high). Also of great importance is the case sensitivity of these and all other files. Thus GA.GIF or ga.GIF will NOT work. Take care to use the same case in naming a file and in its hyperlink reference.
Chris Leach and Henry Rzepa, 04/03/1988