"Supporting information" Managed research (FAIR) Data
  • F= Findable, A=Accessible
  • I=Interoperable, R=Re-usable
One (up to) 505-page-broken PDF Data in Native formats (IR of FAIR)
Encourages structured data formats (AIR of FAIR)
Off the article DOI landing page Has its own DOI/multiple DOIs (FA of FAIR)
Landing page needs human navigation DOI points to machine navigable repository (FA of FAIR)
Metadata describes only the article Metadata describes the data (FAIR)
Interoperable only by extraction from PDF (automatable) interoperability from structured formats (I of FAIR)
Restricted mining unrestricted mining (R of FAIR using CC0 licensing)
Data presentation numerical Data presentation allows innovation (I of FAIR)
Poor/absent Journal search for data DataCite search covers data (F of FAIR): examples
Journal metrics do not cover data DataCite / Google Scholar metrics cover data and its impacts
Effective at stimulating collaborations More effective at stimulating collaborations (R of FAIR)