Solr Search queries enabled by the use of InChI identifiers as metadata in data publication
# Search query* Instances retrieved:
1\:* where an InChI identifier is known
2\:* where an InChI key is known.
3 where the InChI key CULPUXIDFLIQBT-UHFFFAOYSA-N is known.
4\:* of a depositor with ORCID 0000-0002-8635-8390 AND (boolean) has an InChI key.
5\:InChI=1S\/C9H11N5O3* where depositor has ORCID 0000-0002-8635-8390 AND (boolean) an InChI string that has the partial content 1S/C9H11N5O3 with the * representing one or more variable characters.
6 where any data media (MIME) type is declared belonging to publisher 10.14469 (Imperial College)
7\/HPC* a partial doi string for publisher 10.14469 (Imperial College) and HPC repository
8* where the data format type chemical/x-* is declared
9 fq=alternateIdentifier:InChIKey\:*& fl=doi,title,alternateIdentifier& wt=json&rows=15\:*
First 15 hits in JSON format, batch query mode
10"BL.IMPERIAL - Imperial College London" resolution statistics belonging to publisher 10.14469 (Imperial College) per month
11 statistics
12[]=31 Chemistry Research data repository search for Chemistry (135 hits)

*Experimental version: The character "\" escapes the following character ":" to ensure it is part of the search string rather than the search syntax. In this instance the three MIME media types are chemical/x-wavefunction, chemical/x-gaussian-checkpoint and chemical/x-gaussian-log. See doi: dbk7cz for chemical MIME (multipurpose internet media extensions).