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The CLIC Consortium. Electronic Journal

Final Annual Report

August 1997 - May 1998




Members of the Consortium.Imperial College: Dr H. S. Rzepa (Project Director) and Omer Casher. Cambridge University: : Dr J. Goodman, Dr D. Riddick (Aug '96 - Dec. 1996, Dr Daniel Chapman (May '97 - March '98). Leeds University: Dr B. J. Whitaker, Dr C. Hildyard. Royal Society of Chemistry: Dr David James (Project Manager), Dr Jonathan Griffiths (Aug '96 - Feb '97).

1. Activities and Progress. The final deliverables from the original CLIC proposal.


"To publish an electronic version of Chemical Communications, a refereed flagship Journal of the Chemical Society, in parallel with the printed version."

1.1.1 Seventeen RSC journals are now available in PDF format from various sites, including the RSC's web site.

1.1.2 A series of enhanced electronic articles with no printed equivalent had been created during the period of the CLIC project, as indicated below. The RSC has stated that these enhanced articles will form the basis for the design of future electronic-only journals published by The Society. Subsequent to the start of the CLIC project, several other electronic-only journals in chemistry are adopting similar enhanced formats.

Feature articles
Faraday Trans.
Perkin Trans. 2 Total

19 22 2

1.1.3 In addition, two full issues of Chemical Communications were available in HTML that was generated directly from the SGML and was available via the electronic contents lists.

1.1.4. The HyperWave Project at Imperial established the characteristics of using an object-oriented database mechanism for integrating the complex