The toplevel container for TecML files. It consists of a HEAD and any of the TecML elements in any order. Rarely needed unless MOL is excluded from the DTD.

TecML has relatively few hardcoded ELEMENTS and gets its flexibility from a wide range of attributes that can be applied to 'meta'-elements such as XVAR , ARRAY and XLIST. These attributes can be extended through the DTD, but are provided through files (using the ENTITY mechanism). The definitive DTD, therefore, depends critically on the contents of these files (*.ent) stored in the same directory as the TecML DTD.

TecML is designed to extended by adding discipline-specific DTDs. SGML does not have asimple mechanism for this and therefore the content and attributes of certain ELEMENTs is defined in *.ent files rather than hardcoded. Unless you understand the ENTITY mechanism in SGML very well, do not touch these files! These are the current files (Jan 1997):

Extension of TecML with other DTDs must be done carefully and requires a good knowledge of SGML. The current TecML DTD shows how the MOL DTD is included and the use of the catalog file. Before extending TecML you should consult PM-R to avoid namespace collisions, and also to agree the most robust method. In general you would expect to extend the content model of XLIST, and the BUILTIN attributes of XLIST, XVAR and ARRAY. It is conceivable that TYPE might be expanded (e.g. to include currency). You should always extend using additional files rather than editing the current ones.

The files that extend TecML to include the MOL DTD. (See the previous paragraphs as well).


TecML only contains ELEMENTs from its own DTD, which can be in any order and any number after an optional HEAD.



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