Extending discussion from 22 Jul => 2 Aug

ECHET96 Editor (ectoc-contrib@ic.ac.uk)
Mon, 22 Jul 1996 09:25:06 +0100

The scientific organising committee feels that because a lot of people
have hitherto had other committments during July, ECHET96 might
benefit from extending the discussion period. Also, many people have
subscribed to the forum after the discussion period started.
For those of you who wish to comment on any article, we are
extending the discussion period to

<<<<Friday August 2>>>>

Those of you who do not wish to receive further postings during
this period can temporarily stop postings by sending to
listserver@ic.ac.uk the following message;
set echet96 mail postpone
(to resume; set echet96 mail ack, or to permanently
stop postings; unsubscribe echet96)

Can we also people that we are considering making a CD ROM
of the conference proceedings (and with the option of
having CAS abstract this, in a manner similar to the way
talks and posters at ACS meetings are handled).
If we go ahead with this, at least
one free "reprint" will be made available to the group contributing
each article or poster included. If you do NOT wish your
contribution to be included in such a product, please notify
us (echet-contrib@ic.ac.uk) by 16th August at the latest (if you
have not done so already). You can also set the "flag" for this
yourself, using http://www.ch.ic.ac.uk/ectoc/echet96/user_update.html

ECHET96 Editors (Henry Rzepa, Jim Snyder and Chris Leach)

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