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Contributors can update abstract information by sending new versions of files, images etc. You must know your article/poster number, and the password assigned to it. If this was done for you by the conference editors, please contact us for this information.

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Copyright Policy: Please read carefully. Submitting your abstract will constitute acceptance of these terms.

At the end of the discussion period on 22 July 1996, ECHET96 authors may choose to place their contribution in one of two categories.

  1. Articles will remain accessible on the web for at least two years after the close of the discussion period, the work will also be published as conference proceedings in a CD-ROM and will be liable to abstraction by Chemical Abstracts. If authors agree to have their contribution included in the conference proceedings, then copyright for any contribution in the above categories will transfer to the conference editors (J. Snyder and H S Rzepa), to facilitate subsequent abstracting and distribution of the conference proceedings in CD-ROM form. The authors of any article so included will collectively be entitled to one FREE copy of this CD-ROM, and a concessionary rate on further copies.
  2. In the second category, the ECHET96 contribution will be removed at the end of the conference and will neither be abstracted by CAS nor published on the CD-ROM (except for title and abstract). No copyright transfer is implied. We must be notified by 16 August at the latest of any withdrawal request. If we have not heard by this date, we will assume the author(s) wish their contribution to be included in the first category.

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