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Nick Lynch (
Thu, 27 Jun 1996 08:21:40 +0100


Within individual frames, pressing the right hand mouse button (PC) or
holding down the mouse button (mac) will allow you to go back within that
frame, keeping the rest of the frames the same. Effectively you have as many
separate windows as frames, each can be browsed independently.

Using the standard back button on the toolbar, will revert to the previous
URL before the frame based one was browsed.

At 07:22 27/06/96 +0100, you wrote:
>I have also observed the same problem that it is described by Dr. Jordis
>with my browser (Netscape 2.x). I had the same troubles with other links
>which use HTML 3.0 features, too. At this point I wonder whether it is a
>characteristhic of those features. It is really unpleasant for navigating!
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