Academic Genealogy
Starting at one's own PhD supervisor(s) and tracing their supervisor, it is possible to form an 'academic family tree', stretching back many generations; often into the renaissance period and earlier. Below is the Williams Group genealogy, which shows the primary PhD supervisor for each student (in their main field of study, if more than one doctorate was obtained), along with the institution at which they worked/work. Once the tree reaches the pre'PhD era, then the student's mentors are recorded. Notable members of the tree include Sir Geoffrey Wilkinson (Nobel Laureate), Robert Bunsen, Gabriel Fallopio (One of the founders of modern anatomy), Saint Gaetano da Thiene (Philosopher), William of Ockham (on of the most important medieval philosophers, known for the principle of 'Occam's Razor'), Saint Albertus Magnus [Albert the Great] (Teacher of Saint Thomas Aquinas and patron saint of scientists) and Saint Dominic de Guzman (founder of the Dominican order of Catholicism).

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