WATOC Electronic Posters

As part of the WATOC96 Conference we are mounting an Electronic Poster display. We received an excellent response, and we are not accepting any further submissions.

Submitting the Full Version of Your E-Poster

Your final full version of the electronic poster must be received by June 7, 1996. You can do this as follows;
  1. Send us your contribution by filling out an electronic form.
  2. If your poster contains diagrams and you do not have access to a WWW server, prepare your contribution as either a) a Microsoft Word document (Word 6 or Word 5 only please) or b) a set of HTML and GIF/JPG documents in the form of a compressed archive of the file (e.g. tar, zip or sit). Perform a binary ftp transfer to the following site;
    ftp.ch.ic.ac.uk in directory watoc (please note you will not be able to list entries in this directory, to respect confidentiality). This should be followed by a regular e-mail to rzepa@ic.ac.uk informing us it has arrived.

Molecular Coordinates

<A HREF="atp.pdb"><IMG border=0 width=97 height=77 ALT="WATOC" SRC="watoc96m.gif"></A>
If you have access to 3D molecular coordinates which would be appropriate to make available as part of your poster, we suggest you consider the following;


The adventurous amongst you may wish to prepare their conference talk as a set of World-Wide Web documents. There is precedent for this!. If you send us the URL of your talk, we will mount it against the conference program.
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