Chemistry Video-clip Library

Speakers from the department of Chemistry, Imperial college
Professor Sir Geoffrey Wilkinson, Nobel Laureate: "Organometallic chemistry" Play
Professor Sir Derek Barton, Nobel Laureate: "Conformational Analysis" Play
Professor David Phillips: "A little light relief" Play
Lord George Porter, Nobel Laureate: "Photochemistry" Play
Professor Tony Barrett FRS: Novel Polymers, Novel Linkers and
Novel Transformations in Parallel Synthesis"
Professor Charles Rees FRS: "New Frontiers in Heterocyclic chemistry". Play
Sir Patrick Linstead: Phthalocyanines (ca. 1932) Part 1,Part 2,Part 3
A selection of clips relating to taught courses ~2001View
External Visitors
Professor Ian Fleming (Cambridge): "Stereo Control in Organic Synthesis
using Silicon Compounds
Historic Talks
Professor Robert B. Woodward, Nobel Laureate (Harvard): "Cephalosporin C" Play short,Play long
Professor Sir Harry Kroto, Nobel Laureate (Sussex): "Bucky Tubes" Play short
Professor Sir John Cadogan: Memorial address for Charles Rees, 2007
The history of benzene (200th anniversary of Faraday's birth, short)
The history of benzene (200th anniversary of Faraday's birth, long)

A note about the quality of most of the clips. These were filmed and edited in the period 1998-2000, when Internet bandwidths were perhaps 1000 times slower than in the year 2020. The decision was taken to put online only "postage stamp" size clips so that most people would have have the bandwidth to view them. Nowadays (2020) in the era of fast movie downloads of 6 Gbytes or more, that seems very quaint. The largest clip here (the 2 hr Woodward lecture) is ~2 Gbyte (and its not in colour). The original recordings have been archived somewhere, and one of these days perhaps someone will track them down, and issue them in larger sizes.

Acknowledgements: We thank the Imperial College TV Studio and Colin Grimshaw and Martin Sayers for the audiovisual production and digitisation and Jeffrey I. Seeman for direction and production of the teaching clips.
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