Challenge of Materials: Imperial College/Science Museum Collaboration

The College has always had close links to the Science Museum and the V-chemlib has helped them in one of their forthcomming new galleries for the summer of 1997. Rotating molecular structures were provided for the Challenge of Materials gallery, where visitors will be be able to see, feel and experience a wide range of materials. Also for another part of the same exhibition - high quality still images were provided.

The molecular models provided for the project were:

ABS Aluminium Bakelite Composites Copper
Cotton/Wood Zirconia Gold Magnesium Nickel
Nylon Perspex Polycarbonate Polyester Polyethylene
Polypropylene Polysulphone Rubber Silicon Silk
Steel - Iron Superconductors Titanium Wool Zinc
Diamond Graphite-Potassium Kevlar Silicone Oil Rutile/Titanium dioxide (white paint)
Wurtzite (Zinc Blende) . . . .

(OBSOLETE) To view these models, you will need to install some Browser plug-in software called Chime: