Molecules in Motion: An Active Chemical Exploratorium

Project Authors:

Conventional chemistry texts almost invariably present the subject on the printed page, in conventional bound serial form. More than ever before, chemistry and molecular biology are about the three dimensional structure of molecules and how this influences their properties. Such a 3-dimensional subject that has been notoriously difficult to convey to the reader using the medium of paper, and has often given the impression of a jargon-ridden "difficult" subject. In this project we have set ourselves several objectives which we hope will animate the subject and present molecules in a new and fascinating manner.


The production of this product would be undertaken at Imperial College, to the point of delivering a Gold master for duplication. The authors would also be responsible for the creation of photographic images for inclusion on the product, but in collaboration with the publisher. The role of the publisher would involve testing, artwork for the distribution case, editorial advice, marketing, distribution, publicity and sales. In particular, the publisher will also play a role in making the whole product, written by several authors, appear as a coherent whole. This might involve rewriting some of the HTML in some of the pages to produce a consistent style and format, and to provide advice about the style.

Subject List

Karl HarrisonDomestic Molecules
Paul MayEnvironmental and Simple Molecules
21st Century Molecules and Imaginative Molecules
Wyn Locke and Henry RzepaMolecules of Life
Polymers and Repeating Molecules
Nobel Prize Winning Molecules