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Dr Andrew Miller

Dr Andrew David Miller
Imperial College,
Department of Chemistry,
South Kensington,
London SW7 2AY
tel: (44) (171) 594 5773
fax: (44) (171) 594 5803

Hello, welcome to my research group's home page!

If you follow the links, you will see that my group has strong interests in organic and biological chemistry, applying the rigorous approach of the chemist to solving important biological problems. All research projects are highly multidisciplinary requiring the use of organic synthesis, spectroscopic methods, biochemical techniques and computer-modelling to study problems in gene therapy, stress protein chemistry and antisense peptides. Click on any one of the following to meet the members of my group doing the work and read a description of their current projects with a few key references.

Research Areas

Gene Therapy

Stress Proteins


Antisense Peptides