References and review of information sources


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Useful websites:


Review of information sources

Internet Search engines:

Yahoo, Hotbot, Netscape search - searches on 'rapamycin, transplants, cancer, T cells'. The netscape (Google) searches were the most successful.


Chemical information services:

BIDS - A bit slow to use and slightly unreliable, wouldn't always let me log on and once directed me to WOS as it was too busy.

WOS - advanced search very good - gave large number of hits. 'Marked list' facility difficult to use, seemed to lose marked entries very easily.

Beilstein - searched using chemical name and molecular weight. Good source of data and journal references on physical properties and spectral data.

Chemfinder- gave only structure and formula of rapamycin, no physical data was available.

Brookhaven protein data bank- easy to use, found 3D structure of binding proteins just using 'rapamycin' as search term.  

NCI database - found 3D coordinates of rapamycin molecule as well as cancer activity information.


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