Vibrational Spectrum of 2-Methyl-1-buten-3-yne.

If you have Java applets enabled within your browser, rotatable models should appear in small windows below. To see the form of the vibration, use the next/prev buttons.
Alkyne C-H Stretch (3476) Alkene C-H stretch (3234) Alkane C-H Stretch (3028)
Alkane C-H stretch (3081) Alkyne C-C Stretch (2201) Alkene C-C stretch (1676)
Alkane C-C stretch (1284)

A stand-alone version of these displays (with more controls and options) can be downloaded as follows;
  1. Acquire the JMol Program from here.
  2. Download this file by right-clicking or cntrl-clicking on the hyperlink and selecting "download link to disk" or equivalent.
  3. Run JMol after installing, and open the file ir.log.
  4. In the extras menu, select Vibration.
  5. From the drop down menu "select normal mode frequency" select one of the modes and press the run key below.
  6. You can also open the same file using Gaussview, and view the animations there from the Results/Vibrations window.
Alkyne C-H stretch

(C) H. S. Rzepa, 2003.