The Electronic Information Booth

The boothis presented in the form of a a summary of what each information source enables, and detailed instructions on how to use some of the sources when they are needed, in two side by side "frames" on one browser window. To enter the information service, click on the associated icon found on the toolbar along the top of this display or in other locations where you might see the icon displayed. A single mouse click on this icon will initiate connection to the data source. The contents will be displayed in a separate Browser window. To switch between the two browser windows, use the Windows menu item at the top of the browser display.

Detailed instructions on what to do are found by clicking on a question mark icon. The help pages contain many images and "screen dumps" and you are advised to turn off "auto image load" before activating this page. Its best to click on individual graphics rather than trying to load them all at once.

Using Netscape

You will need to be familar with several features of Netscape.
  1. Netscape may display several frames simultaneously. To move back to an immediately previous frame, press the mouse button down for a second or two and wait for the following menu to appear;
  2. To copy any image appearing on the screen, place the mouse cursor on that image and press the button until the following menu appears;
  3. Text can be copied and selected as with any word processor, and pasted into e.g. Claris for permanent recording (as can the images copied in the previous section).
  4. You can use the Find feature in Netscape to find text in any frame. To select a frame for searching, click in that frame (but not on a hyperlink, or that will activate it).
  5. If a download is taking a long time, use the stop button on Netscape to terminate the transfer.