Optical & Electronic Properties of Semi-Conducting Polymers

Dr John deMello
Dr. John De Mello
Welcome to John de Mello’s web page. John has a lectureship in the Department of Chemistry, investigating the optical and electronic properties of organic molecules and polymers. The work involves a wide range of optical and electronic measurements, including site-selective spectroscopy, photoluminescence excitation spectra and electroabsorption. The group has a particular interest in optoelectronic devices and forms part of the interdisciplinary Centre for Electronic Materials and Devices.

John completed his PhD in 1998 in the research group of Professor Richard Friend at the Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge. The subject of his doctoral thesis was ionic space-charge effects in polymer light-emitting diodes. Following a period of postgraduate research at the Cavendish, he joined the Department of Trade and Industry working as a fast-stream civil servant in the Office of Science and Technology. He took up his current position in March 2000.