Examples of the Application of Java to Chemistry

NanoCAD A freeware nanotech design system, by William Ware
A Molecular Formula <=> Mass Converter by Guillaume Cottenceau at Imperial College
Experiments in Colors by the mc2 Consortium at Berkeley University
double-z STO LCAO-SCF calculation on the helium atom by David Moseley
Active Labs, including a molecular sketcher used for the ECTOC-3 Conference
The HyperWave System Browser, implemented in Java for ECHET96
Examples of Chemical Markup Language by Peter Murray-Rust
Isoelectronic surface plot of the electrostatic potential of Benzene.
Molecular Dynamics Simulation, which will render a VRML scene on request from the wireframe image displayed by the program
Gaussian Front End
Mathematical Equation Setting
Sketch and Fetch Molecule Builder from Tripos
ChemSymphony molecular viewer and editor by Anatoli Krassavine and published by Cherwell Scientific.
Java Molecular and Atomic Orbitals by Robert Lancashire.
Molecular Editor by Denis Bayada at Leeds
JaMM by J. N. Huffman at Indiana
Sequence Aligment Editor: CINEMA by David J Parry-Smith, Andrew W R Payne, Alex D Michie and Teresa K Attwood
QuickPDB - A Sequence/Structure Search and Display Java Applet by Ilya Shindyalov and Phil Bourne

Examples of the Application of JavaScript to Chemistry

Analyzing Molecular Geometry Using MDL's Chemscape Chime and JavaScript
An example of Spectral Peak Picking using Javascript and Chime, by Alan Tonge.
An example of Atom Picking using Javascript and Chime, by Alan Tonge.
Calculations of MO Properties, by David Mosley.
Calculation of Buffer Recipes, by Rob Beynon.

For a general source of information, see the Gamelan Site or the JARS Java Review Site

Enabling Java on your Browser

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Internet Explorer: In version 3, this is set in the Edit/Preferences/Web Content section.

Last Update: August 11, 1997