Electronic Conferences on Trends in Organic Chemistry


Programs You Need

To participate in the ECTOC/ECHET96 Conferences, you may need a variety of "helper" programs or their "plug-in" equivalents (a full list of plug-ins is available here). Some of these are used to browse the conferences, others are needed by authors to help write articles or posters. Some programs are commercial, and cannot be distributed here; others are "freeware" or "shareware". You can acquire these programs simply by clicking on the hyperlink. Before doing so, check if you have a suitable decoding program already resident on your hard disk.
Useful Programs for Viewing/Creating World-Wide Web Documents.
Utility Macintosh (68K, PPC)Microsoft Windows (3.1, 95 or NT)
BrowserNetscape for Mac Netscape for Windows
Microsoft Internet ExplorerMicrosoft Internet Explorer
Archive extractionStuffit ExpanderStuffit Expander
VRML BrowserLive3DSelection of programs
MCF Site NavigationHotsauceHotsauce
E-mailEudora LiteEudora Lite
Conversions to HTMLrtftohtmlrftohtml
Internet AssistantInternet Assistant
Commercial HTMLHotMetal ProHotMetal Pro
PageMillHotDog Pro
Netscape GoldNetscape Gold
Claris Home PageClaris Home Page
GraphicsGraphicConverterPaint Shop Pro 4.1
Chemistry Programs
Chemistry 2D ViewersISIS/Draw 2.0 ISIS/Draw 2.1
CS Chemdraw NetCS ChemDraw Net
Accord Chemistry ViewerAccord Chemistry Viewer
Chemistry 3D ViewersRasMac 2.6RasWin 2.6 and RasMenu
Chemscape Chime from MDLIChemscape Chime from MDLI (95/NT), (W31)
CS Chem3D NetCS Chem3D Net
MSI WebLab ViewerMSI WebLab Viewer

Table cells in yellow indicate programs on local archive. Table cells in green indicate a remote archive, and you will need an Internet connection to acquire them.

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