Close of ECTOC Discussions: Thanks to everyone

Rzepa,Henry (
Thu, 6 Jul 1995 12:50:27 +0000

Dear participants,

We would like to thank profusely all the people who contributed to the
discussion of the papers at ECTOC. From July 7th, the
listserver for the conference should not be used
for e-mail discussions. If you do have questions to raise about individual
please send the query to individual authors.

Next Steps.

*We hope to announce the winner of the SmithKline Beecham
"best paper or poster" prize some time next week, so please listen
to this forum a little longer. The winner will receive a cash sum of
300 pounds sterling (or appropriate currency!)

*We hope that a feature article on ECTOC will appear soon in
an issue of Chem & Eng News. Keep your eyes peeled, in
case your own poster or paper is featured!!

*Anyone wishing to join the conference photograph should send
one (preferably digital, but we can handle paper ones) to

*Until July 28, authors of papers and posters will have the opportunity
to revise their contribution, and if they wish, make reference to any
e-mail dicsussion which might have occurred on their or any other
article. We will then start production of the CD-ROM version of the conference
in earnest. This will involve a final refereeing procedure on the final
revision of the paper/poster, followed by any further modifications
as necessary. The electronic conference will remain on line for a
further two years at least.

*The CD-ROM will be distributed by the Royal Society of Chemistry.
We are still negotiating final details of licenses which would allow the
inclusion of various software programs. Nevertheless we hope that
we will be able to make the CD-ROM available during
4th quarter 1995 under the following terms

a) Each principal author of a paper or poster will receive two free copies
of the CD-ROM. At present, we hope the CD-ROM will be readable by
either Macintosh or PC/Windows computers. Most of the content will
be "stand-alone", but some items such as the indexing will probably
require an Internet connection to function (to make this stand alone
would increase the overall price excessively).

b) Others will be able to purchase a copy. We hope, barring unexpected
outcome of the above negiotiations, to keep the price around 50 pounds
sterling (not including tax). Do tell your librarian about it, and
anyone else who might wish to invest in a copy.

*Any surplus from the sale of the CD-ROMs will be used to fund the
ECTOC-2 Conference. This is provisionally scheduled for mid 1996,
with the theme of heterocyclic chemistry.

*We do appreciate the contributions of everyone to the conference. The
standard of papers was excellent and many of the papers used this
new medium to the full extent. We had very few real problems coping
with the papers we received (all but 2 of which came "electronically")
and in general our feeling is that ECTOC has demonstrated that
such an electronic forum can have a useful role to play in the theatre
of organic chemistry in the future.

*Please do send comments, especially those where you feel things need
to be improved. Remember, the rules of events such as this are still
being laid down, and now is your chance to influence them.

Best wishes to all.

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