66 Carbonylation Catalysis / Crown Ether Cleavage

Thomas Schmidt (schmidt@mpi-muelheim.mpg.d400.de)
Tue, 20 Jun 1995 09:12:00 +0100

Dear Drs. Mestdagh and Rolando,

although you are specifically reporting mechanistic results
concerning the Mo-mediated carbonylation reaction in your
poster, I would at first like to raise a preparative question.
>From your J.C.S., Chem. Commun. paper, I learned about the
catalytic version of your reaction only in the case of octyl
- Can all the reactions reported in the 1992 paper by now be
done employing the catalytic version of the reaction and
are the yields comparable to the 70% reported in that paper ?

Some additional questions, if you dont'n mind:

- Is it possible to use other substrates such as triflates
instead of halides, as has successfully been done for
example in Heck type reactions ?
- In connection with the 18-crown-6 cleavage you reported:
If absolutely NO water is present, where do the additional
oxygen atoms in the carbonylation products come from ? Did
you also strictly exclude oxygen in these reactions ?
Finally, on what scale this reaction was performed (as it may
almost be impossible to exclude sub-mmole amounts of water in
many experiments) ?
Did you try to use a different crown complex instead, e.g.
LiF-(12-crown-4) ?

Best regards,

Thomas Schmidt

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