Re: Poster 35 (Prof. Orena)
Tue, 20 Jun 1995 15:52:42 +0200

poster 35:

Dear Dr. P. Merino,

the ozonization of 4a into 5a was followed by t.l.c. and
DMS was added at -78 C when 4a disappeared. However very
polar products were formed (the yield is 78% only), but
their structure was not investigated.
Concerning the removal of N-benzyl group from the amide
6a, we observed that it can be performed only by using
Li-NH3 (see Orena, Porzi, Sandri, J. Chem. Res., (S),
1990, 376, and cited references): In fact the substrate
6a could not be debenzylated by hydrogenolysis, even by
treatment with H2-Pd(OH)2, so that we choosen to convert
the amide 6a into the amine 7a, in order to remove the N-
benzylic group.

Prof. Mario Orena

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