50 Deposition of x-ray data at Cambridge

Rzepa,Henry (h.rzepa@ic.ac.uk)
Mon, 19 Jun 1995 16:58:07 +0000

Another (semi) technical one, but relevant a few of the
papers submitted to ECTOC.

Poster 50 ( http://www.ch.ic.ac.uk/ectoc/papers/keller/ )
reports five crystal structures. The crystallographic data for
these five structures have been deposited with the
Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre using the
URL http://www.ccdc.cam.ac.uk/deposit/deptop.html
as a submission form. This mechanism promises
to shave 6-9 months at least off the normal cycle time
to get a structure into the Cambridge database.
Each structure took about 3-4 minutes to enter directly
from the original computer system on which the refinement
was performed (hopefully therefore without error).

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