Re: Poster 26 Donald Craig : Template-Directed Intramolecular

Tom McCarthy (
Fri, 16 Jun 1995 09:51:12 +1000

Dear Dr. Craig,

I have two questions arising from your poster, both concerning work shown
on slide 16. The first is with regard to your osmylation reaction. Have you
tried the osmylation using the Sharpless admix reagents. I would imagine
that one enantiomer of this reagent would give an improved
diastereoselectivity were as the mismatched reagent / substrate pair would
give inferior results.

The second question concerns the introduction of the hydroxyl group in the
2-position. Have you tried oxidising an ester enolate derived from the acid
product of the Ru oxidation. i.e. before the TFA removal of both


Tom McCarthy

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