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Rzepa,Henry (
Mon, 12 Jun 1995 19:16:31 +0000

Herbert Homeier writes;

>May I make a humble suggestion? Could the participants of e-mail
>discussions please add in the body of their e-mails the URL of the
>paper/poster they are referring to? In this way, one would have --
>without any further painstaking work on WWW scripts for the organizers
>-- a direct hyperlink to the corresponding paper/poster in each email
>contribution, when reading the hypermail archive of the discussions at
>This would be very convenient for the readers of the contributions.

I certainly support this idea. As a practical matter, the URL can
be selected and copied from the Goto: field of the browser.
In Netscape, you have to set Show Location in the Preferences.

We did think about having a separate page of discussion for each
paper. However, we decided to keep all the discussions on a single
page to help "cross-fertilisation" and "serendipity".

On a more practical point, the one technical aspect of the conference
largely beyond our direct control is the listserver and the "hypermail"
processor; hence we have decided to leave it largely untouched

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