Submitting ECTOC-3 Abstracts

Several mechanisms will be made available for ECTOC-3 abstract submission. They are given below in order of preference.
  1. Using the abstract submission form. When you use this, you will be allocated an account number and password in the form of an e-mail message. This account will be usable via the Netscape 2/3/4 file upload mechanism. This mechanism is now ACTIVE. Please note that Internet Explorer does not currently support the file upload feature. If you experience problems, please email
  2. Send e-mail message to with the title of the abstract. If there are no diagrams, you can also include the text of your abstract (as HTML) in the body of your message. We will endeavour to reply to your message promptly, and will include details of your abstract number and a password which will enable you to edit the abstract and submit the full article. Please do not misplace this message if at all possible!
  3. If you do wish to send multiple files, first create Stuffit, "ZIP" or "Tar" format archives, and include them as an attachment with your e-mail. Please give your archive a distinctive name. Naming it simply ECTOC3.ZIP will not render it unique once it arrives! Please also note that the final ECTOC-3 server will use CASE SENSITIVE file names, so pay particular attention to whether you are using lower or upper case file names, and ensure that any HTML reflects this.
  4. Alternatively, send the archive file by Anonymous ftp binary file transfer to the server, to be placed in the directory ectoc-3.
  5. We would prefer not to receive untreated Word 6 binary files. However, if you have no experience or access to people experienced in the conversion of such files, the conference editors can perform such conversions. Please note however, that the editors may not have the time to "tune" the conversion to produce the best possible visual result. Send the file by mechanism 3 or 4 above.
  6. Paper submissions are NOT acceptable. Floppy disk submission is acceptable only if all other methods failed.

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