ECTOC-3 List

The ECTOC-3 discussion list exists for participants to exchange views on the conference and the chemistry contained therein. It is an unmoderated list, so please do not post personal items, or requests to the editors.

Sending to list

Send messages to Please endeavour to put as a subject the Article number you wish to discuss, and one or two other key indicators of the subject.

Replying to Postings to the list

If you simply reply to any message you receive from the forum, it will go directly to the person originating the message. If you want to reply to the forum itself, please remember to change the addressee to

Joining the List

To join the list,send a one line message (ie no signature files please) to the following address: (Note: this is different from the address to send comments to)

containing the following single line in the message:

subscribe ectoc-3

Remember to send this message from the identical e-mail address you expect to receive postings to. Some Internet service providers cannot ensure such symmetry. If you are faced with this problem, use the alternative form;

subscribe ectoc-3 yourmail@youraddress

Where yourmail@youraddress is the address you wish to receive mail from (assuming its different from the address you use to register). This will have to be moderated by the editors, so please do not expect an instant response.

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